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Folded Leaflets

Folded Leaflets. What are they? What can they be used for? Why would you choose a folded leaflet over a standard leaflet?

Folded leaflets come in many different forms such as Half-fold, Single-fold, Tri-fold, Concertina-fold, Z-fold, Gate-fold and Letter-fold. If you are ensure which type of folded leaflet would suit you best it might be a good idea to see which are most commonly used for the purpose in which you require them for.

The real benefit of folded leaflets over standard leaflets is that there is more space. Because the leaflet folds, this means that the overall size of the leaflet when folded is not too big, it can be easily put through letterboxes and handed out to passers by. With this extra space you have the ability to add more content about your product or business and be more information to potential clients, this can only be a good thing when the design is also done with respect for the readers eyes.

Folded leaflets are therefore perfect for menus, price lists, mini brochures and newsletters among other things.

Having this extra design space can be used in a way that captures the viewers attention, after-all, who wants to look at a brick wall of text. An intriguing design can grab a persons attention and this is why folded leaflets are good for advertising. The inner folds of the leaflet can then be used to display your relevant information getting more in depth as the person looks further rather than giving them too much too early.

Not sure what size to get in a folded leaflet?

Firstly consider your distribution methods. For example, folded leaflets that are to be sent out in the mail or hand-delivered are best kept as small as possible. However, leaflets that are to be handed out to people could be of any size. But at the same time, the larger folded leaflet might be an issue for people to carry around with them so this would lessen the retention rate as most people will get rid.

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