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Presentation Folders

Make a great impression today with a presentation folder from LS1 Print. Printed in full colour, our presentation folders will make sure you are off on the right foot at your business meeting or presentation. Each of our folders come slightly oversized which ensures all your business documents are secure, add a Luxury finish for that something extra special. Our presentation folders come single or double sizes with Lots of different options for sizes and shapes.

Not sure if a presentation folder is right for you? Presentation folders are used for many different purposes but are primarily a tool for business presentations to aid in the sales process. Here are a few different appropriate times to make use of a presentation folder: • Giving a presentation or holding a meeting • Meeting with new clients • Creating a montage • Organising medical or legal documents • Handing out to customers These are just some of the many ways to make use of a presentation folder, there are as many uses as there are different jobs and industries in the world. The best presentation folders are simple yet effective, not overly complicated, you want your folder to be eye-catching, look professional and reflect your company look and feel. First step is to pick what size fits for purpose, you wouldn't begin painting a picture without first picking your canvas, and the function of the presentation folder is to hold your important documents ready for your sales pitch. Use your company logo and colours for a start, and try to keep text to a minimum on the design, the purpose of a presentation folder is to hold your important documents. Too much detail on the design makes your presentation folder cluttered and less effective. Instead focus on conveying your brand message with your colours and design. Here are just a few reasons why using presentation folders is great for marketing: Lasting Impressions It's not just the first impression what matters in business, you want your clients to remember you and what it is you do, what better way than containing all this information within a branded presentation folder Multi-purpose Presentation folders are versatile, as well as making a good impression with the right clients you can use them for everything from business cards, calling cards, promotional material, freebies, business documents and offers. Impact What better opportunity for a designer to showcase their skills than on your presentation folder, a well designed folder reflects well upon your business, it puts you above the others who don't focus on the details Conclusion Presentation folders are well worth adding to your arsenal when going in for a sale, they show that you were willing to go that extra mile. If you keep the basics in mind and get a good graphic designer then you won't go far wrong. Here at LS1 Print we can help get you up and running with some personalised printed items for your business, and we will go that extra mile to make sure you are 100% happy with the finished product, our prices and range and prices can be found here

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